A letter to myself…

If it’s normal for most teenagers and 20 somethings to constantly pick themselves apart and worry about how they look, behave, and whether the direction they’re heading in is the right one…then I’ve had a very normal experience of growing up.

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Why it’ll always be Pugs not Drugs for me

I’ve lived in a few different cities now, and most places you go there is a drug culture of some kind. It might be balloons at parties, coke in the loos or E / MDMA at a festival  – I’ve witnessed it all in some way or another both with friends, colleagues and strangers but it’s never interested me. And I’ll tell you why.

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Sibling rivalry – the struggle is real

What happens when the squabbling and hair pulling you and your siblings indulged in as youngsters evolves into full-blown adult envy? Except we’re no longer jealous that we weren’t the first to get a mobile phone or stay up past 10pm..we’re now jealous of salaries, relationships, friendships, social lives and the race to the top of the property ladder!

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