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  1.   Terms of Use

All the content, advice and information posted on this site is read and taken at the reader’s own personal risk. The opinions and views discussed on this blog, are read at the free will of those who visit the site, and how they choose to view this information is directly up to them as an individual.

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I (author of Inside the Oyster) am the legal copyright holder of all written material on the blog (unless quoting other sources, authors or articles via hyperlinks given), therefore others cannot reprint or publish without my written consent.

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All information posted on the blog is direct personal opinion and driven from my own experiences and thoughts as the author. Content is designed to entertain, inform and interest a variety of readers. This site does not provide professional medical or legal advice on any level. Once again any information, advice or content taken from the site and used in by readers is at the readers own risk and responsibility. The author of Inside the Oyster does not claim to have any qualifications in the fields of medicine, fitness, psychology or other.

  1.   Privacy Statement

As mentioned on the ‘talk’ section of the site. Any personal information submitted to the site will not be passed on or sold to any other company. All questions/problems submitted will be treated with confidentiality and no names/personal information will ever be made public in the posts published on the site. However as seen on the site, a summary of the problem/question must be published in order to give advice on that matter. Please be aware of this if you send something for consideration, it will be summarised or paraphrased as part of the editorial style of Inside the Oyster if it is to be published. Inside the Oyster retains complete editorial control over all posts, and also retains the right not to publish a story or question if it deems it to be unsuitable for readers in any way.

Inside the Oyster is not responsible for the privacy practices of any of its advertisers or blog commenters, however comments deemed to be rude or offensive will be deleted.

  1.   Reserve Rights

As author and creator of Inside the Oyster, I retain the right to change the focus of my blog, delete or edit posts, shut the site down, sell it or to change the terms of use (go to a paid platform) at my own discretion.

I also reserve the right not to respond to a comment, email or question if I deem it to be rude, inappropriate or spam.

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I am not responsible for the actions of any of my advertisers or sponsors. If links to products or services are given on the blog, any issues resulting from the purchase or use of those products or services should be directed to that company or individual in order to be resolved.

  1.   Letters to the Editor

Any letters, emails, messages etc sent to Inside the Oyster will be kept private, unless the sender is submitting a question/problem for the ‘talk’ section of the site. In which case, as mentioned above – the content will be paraphrased and presented on the blog in order to address the issue and open up the discussion to other readers. Names and locations will be changed in order to protect that person’s identity, or not given at all. Inside the Oyster retains ownership of all content/stories published on the site and can share those posts with any third-party publisher for the purposes of a column, social media discussion or other upcoming published works.