Hello, Welcome to Inside the Oyster

People say ‘the world is your oyster’ – I’m still trying to prove that theory, but also dissect what it actually means along the way. What kind of happiness are we all seeking…what am I seeking? What will make me truly happy and what is just ‘surface fluff’?

With the rise of social media, FOMO and the general pressure of life bearing down on us constantly, anxiety is at an all time high, as is self harm, as is depression – especially in young people. When you look on FB, Instagram, or the Mail online – you might think, where are all these miserable people? Everyone seems to be having the ‘BEST TIME EVER’…right?

I want to write about what’s real to me, taking a deeper look below the surface at what matters to us as people and why. I want to be open about the experiences I’ve had personally and share my thoughts on the world around me.

My hope is that by shedding the ‘gloss’ coating everything we post or read online – that I might just connect with some like-minded people out there, people who want to start a conversation about something other than how to take the best selfie.

You can also find my articles on My Trending Stories. 


Charlie (Inside the Oyster)

P.s These are a few pics of me at my happiest, being silly and exploring the world around me…if only alpacas and speedboats were involved everyday! 

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