When life takes over…

Wow….what has happened to the last 8 months! One minute you’re writing a book review and the next you haven’t posted anything ALL summer!

My absence from writing has been for many reasons and thankfully they are all really good and happy ones. After a whirlwind of general life this year, I’m very ready to snuggle up under a comfy blanket and reflect on how much has changed.

Firstly, we added a new addition to the family…our beautiful Frenchie Bella, who is such a handful that I’ve barely had a minute to pee, let alone write! She is 10 months old now and has literally made us both so happy, despite the toilet training and the sass she gives us all the time. I’m definitely going to write a separate post on the emotional and physical benefits of having a dog. If you want to follow Bella on Insta, here’s the link!


Then I turned 30! This was a big birthday which I had been looking forward to because I had so many fun things planned to celebrate, but was also partially dreading. There was something about not being a ’20-something’ anymore that made me worry I was somehow running out of time, that I hadn’t achieved my goals yet or got to where I hoped I’d be. I wrote about it on the blog a few months back and encouraged us all to dispel the myth that turning 30 needs to freak you out..but sometimes it can be hard to embrace your own advice.

Funnily enough I’ve just read an article this morning about this very feeling – now known as FOMOMG! It’s basically a fear of missing out on your goals, which I relate to A LOT! I don’t even really know what my goals are but I’m scared of missing out on them all the same.

Having said all this, turning 30 was momentous for lots of reasons. I had a good two weeks off work for my bestie’s hen do, time with family, sun-worshipping, partying, spa’ing and a surprise birthday trip with the boyfriend. It gave me time to reflect on just how lucky I am to be here on this planet, with the people I love and just soaking up all the fun times I can. I didn’t worry about work or my bikini body, I didn’t have any anxiety, I didn’t worry about what my UC might do, I just tried to live in the moment…which I definitely don’t always do as much as I should. It was frickin amazing!


I got ENGAGED!!!!!! GAH Still doesn’t feel real to say that! I have a fiance… weird! ha. On the second night of my surprise birthday trip to Venice, Josh popped the question. It was perfect, He’d gone to such lengths to make it perfect for me, but I was most blown away by his secret squirrel planning and saving  for the last two years. In amongst saving for our first house, I have no clue how he did it, but it meant everything to me that he’d really thought about it and it hadn’t just been a rushed decision because all his mates were at it. He also chose the place carefully, knowing that I’d always dreamed of going to Venice, which is where my dad proposed to my step mum and my little brother also having proposed in Italy, he knew it was a special place.

We’d never really spoken about marriage seriously, I never pushed him or made a song and dance about it because we had other goals and also because I wanted that moment (if and when it ever came) to be totally organic and because he really wanted to ask me. After 12 years, it actually happened!!! 🙂 

Friends and family said it was long overdue, but for me it was just right. He’d even secretly gone off to Brighton on his own to look for the vintage ring I’d seen in a shop window 3 years earlier, but it had closed down. So he went to Hatton Garden to see if he could find a jeweller who could recreate the design for me. When I was a teenager watching soppy films, I hoped that if one day someone decided they wanted to marry me, that they’d do something truly romantic and special like that, and I couldn’t think of a nicer story. It’s so romantic it makes me melt every time I look down at my hand and think about everything he did to get it. He didn’t buy anything for himself for so long and I always used to ask him why he didn’t treat himself to new clothes, his work shoes had holes in them! But now it makes me tear up thinking that was all for me. It doesn’t matter to me how big the rock is or how much he actually spent, but just that he made it a personal priority to save for something special and put real thought and dedication into it.

So needless to say wedding celebrations and planning have been another reason for writing and spare time taking a back seat. Coupled with DIY on the house, walking the dog and generally running about like mad things at work.

2018 has been crazy and I can’t believe it’s nearly over…but I am going to do my best to make more time for posts like this during the winter months! If you want to hear about my wedding planning and any tips so far, then do let me know! 🙂












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