March into 2018 like a lobster

Everyone loves a lobster, they probably hold the secret to eternal life – so really we probably shouldn’t eat them, I don’t eat them because the green stuff in’em gave me food poisoning and UC, but that’s not the focus of this post.

Lobsters go through a continual growth process throughout their lives *DUH* I hear you say…all animals grow, true but not all animals do it like the lobster has to.

Have you ever considered how a lobster gets bigger? Perhaps not…perhaps that’s only the kind of thing that interests me, but none the less we could learn something from the mighty lobster which might just help us deal with the everyday stress of our lives.

Here’s the Rabbi to sum it up real quick and easy for us….


Who knew the lobster could be such an inspiration to us all?

Five lessons learnt from this very interesting lobster fact:

  1. Needing to hide under a rock from the world for a few weeks doesn’t make you a weak person if it enables you to come out the other side feeling stronger
  2. Don’t ignore the niggles that make you feel uncomfortable or in pain – be that emotional pain from a relationship, or physical pain from a gym/sport injury which you continue to ignore…I know my guest writer Becci will hear me on that one!
  3. Good things can come from bad times, no-matter how enormous the mountain in front of you may seem, you can overcome it if you focus and give yourself time
  4. Everyone must shed the old from their lives in order to welcome the new – you can keep that old teddy if it comforts you, or that old photo album if it makes you happy – but shedding unwanted people, unwanted habits and unwanted expectations for yourself can only lead to good things and personal growth
  5. You have unlimited opportunity to change things for yourself if you want to

A caterpillar only gets to turn into a butterfly once, a lobster can do it over and over again….and so can you.

So Happy New Year everyone, I hope this short post gives you the January pick-me-up you might be looking for.

And if that didn’t work, this donkey D.E.F will:


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