Showing love for #TinderPooGirl 

If you were under a rock last week you might have missed this story, but I doubt it. It made BBC news, Radio 1, Metro, Daily Mail and just about every other news platform imaginable.

Of course, I’m talking about the girl who got stuck in a window whilst trying to dispose of a poo that wouldn’t flush…whilst on a first date…in her date’s bathroom. Panic stations!

It’s undeniable that the photos of the fire brigade easing her out of the window whilst her bemused date watches on, is quite amusing.

#TinderPooGirl  – image taken from the Daily Mail

But…so what? Why has it made national news?

Haven’t we all had situations where we’ve logged out a giant poo and not been able to banish it to the U-bend? Or done a total stinker at a mates house and frantically tried covering the smell? Run out of loo roll at the worst possible moment? Made a public parp in earshot of the next cubicle?

Everybody knows that feeling and most don’t have it splashed over the news.

Listening to Radio 1’s commentary on it, the presenters were mocking this girl, saying she’s not worth a second date, talking about how mortifying it is and generally looking down on someone who basically just did a poo…as if radio presenters are exempt from pooing!

We need to normalise going for a number two…even if we do perhaps draw the line at chucking it out of a window.

I was once on a weekend away with my boyfriend and another couple, having a lovely romantic break in Wales…very early on into our relationship. We were due to leave and I needed to go, needless to say it was huge and wouldn’t flush. I resorted to cutting it up with a plastic party knife and then flushing…am I ashamed? No. I couldn’t just leave it sitting there for the cleaners to deal with after we’d left. So what’s the ish?

Sometimes the bowl just ain’t big enough guys! 

So I say to you #TinderPooGirl, wherever you are and however ashamed you may feel to be the nation’s laughing stock…we’ve all been there (kind of), and we salute you.

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