How will we know when earth finally hits ‘bat shit crazy’?

A topic of this scale is far too big for my brain to handle but this week’s events have led me to ask myself the question ‘how will we know when the world has finally spun completely out of control?’

This week a young Mancunian person decided to blow himself up outside a pop concert, killing dozens and injuring hundreds of innocent people.

In his mind of course these people weren’t innocent, in his mind they were evil sinners who deserved to die because humans aren’t meant to be free thinking. Human’s aren’t meant to make choices about their lives, their hobbies and their passions in life. Humans are meant to follow the twisted evil regime of ISIS….because that looks like a barrel of laughs doesn’t it?

I mean why go to a Ariana Grande concert when you can be marched into the streets to watch people chop off other people’s body parts for fun? or be gang raped, or drowned or set on fire…or all bloody three! Blood guts and mindless killing. Fun times! Who wouldn’t want to be part of that world right? Sign us UP! No human rights, no rights to education, no free will or free movement! YAY



I work in PR and if ISIS wants to take over the world they REALLY need to reconsider their communications strategy…because this current one AINT WORKING ON ME!

This probably seems like a bit of a rant, and actually it is. I’m really angry that people can’t just live amongst each other without ramming their views down other people’s throats. It feels like we’ll never learn, and the madness will never stop.

I’m also angry that there are clearly pockets of individuals within our community who hate the western world and the way we live our lives. They hate our dress, our views, our behaviours and our freedoms – yet they stay, plotting ways to kill us.

I wonder, do these people smile at the local shopkeeper or their child’s head teacher, do they enjoy picnics and visits to the seaside? Or do they just sit in a dark room stuffing nails and bolts into explosive devises.

I find it impossible to imagine how a person like this operates, what goes on in their mind and what they’ve been told to make them feel this way towards the place they were (most likely) born. I don’t actually want to know really.

Of course, every story has two sides whether we accept it or not. Many minorities in the UK experience unwarranted racism too, unjust bullying, exile and ignorance. Perhaps these people are made to feel second class? Inferior or small? Who knows. All I do know is that savvy little ISIS pricks are always ready to scoop them up into their world and promise them eternal glory (whilst giving them hallucinogenic drugs so they feel invincible when they finally do pull that cord).

I am not religious, I do believe in being a mindful and spiritual person and I have views on our place in the world and the power of being at one with nature and the environment. I like to think we have a soul and that when we die that soul doesn’t just turn into nothing…but where it goes, who welcomes us into the next life (if there is one) – I haven’t the foggiest! However, I have no issue with anyone who is religious, and who takes that belief seriously – so long as it’s not harmful to anyone else.

I turned 29 this week, a year which some might call a turning point. The last year of being a ‘youth’ in society and crossing the border into what I’d consider full adulthood. It’s the year where maybe you consider your choices, your job, your home, your relationship. Asking yourself questions like; Do I want kids? Am I happy? What do I want from life? Am I having enough adventures? Do I make enough time for my family and friends?

I ask myself these questions daily, but I know that in many parts of the world, women like me wouldn’t even DREAM of asking themselves those questions. They don’t have the luxury of asking themselves if they’re happy in life, if they’d change their situation if they could….because they are seen as inferior. Unworthy of a voice, of an education, of their own money or job or freedom.

Sometimes when I watch programmes like Planet Earth, with the lovely David Attenborough’s soothing voice telling me about the world’s beauty and far away places…I don’t even feel like he’s talking about the planet I live on anymore. It feel like he’s gone on an expedition to a place where atrocities like the above don’t happen, a Jungle Book world where animals have human faces and nature is the only thing that matters.

planet earth.jpg

That’s a sad feeling isn’t it?

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