Farting in front of the in-laws, parp with pride!

Farting in public isn’t easy, there’s the ever-present dilemma of ‘will it stink?’ ‘Will everyone know it was me?’, and you can never be sure if it’s going to slip silently into the ether, or announce its arrival with a huge lingering trump.

Most people can come home, slip into those slacks and trump till their heart’s content, but when you’re currently living with your in-laws, and also suffer from an IBD which makes your bowels doubly as active – that becomes a whole new challenge.

fart face gif.gif

Luckily I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 10 years now, so his family have seen me in various states including; wrapped in a towel fresh from the shower, drunk and stumbling, puking on their front lawn (a personal highlight) and being generally ill and gross. They also know I have UC and are very understanding of the illness…even if they don’t really understand what it is.

Deep down I know they don’t mind their new house guest being a bit windy, they know I literally can’t help it – but that doesn’t make doing it any easier, especially if it’s noisy!

Some of the unexpected joys of learning to live with an IBD like Ulcerative Colitis.

fart gif two.gif

Having an IBD can make you feel really powerless to control your own body, having no clue if you’ll get a flare tomorrow or be fine for the next six months is really tough. Since Christmas I’ve been a bit up and down with good weeks and bad, which is frustrating because I had a home run of about 11 months last year with no flares at all.

When I analyse it I can see that although I relaxed a bit over Christmas, the following things have probably contributed to my January Bowel-Blues:

  • My grandma passing away at 95 years old after several months of ill-health
  • My boyfriend having a mystery headache for a month and no conclusions yet as to what it is
  • A new promotion at work with new responsibilities
  • Drinking and eating the wrong things over the festive period
  • Other family members being stressed with their own issues
  • Living with the in-laws whilst having an IBD
  • Saving for a house
  • Lack of exercise and nutritious foods

Overall there is a lot going on Inside the Oyster’s world right now, and really it’s not surprising my body is going into flare mode.

Here are my current coping mechanisms:

  • Juicing for breakfast to get nutrience but also give my digestive system a rest
  • Drinking more water
  • Writing
  • Talking to my family and BF about my worries
  • Having a cry
  • Reading my new Hygge book
  • Sessions with my holistic therapist
  • Listening to my meditation app before bed
  • Using my new aromatherapy diffuser
  • Making plans
  • Having me time in the bath with some candles

During times of uncertainty and stress, people often tell you ‘don’t worry, it’ll be fine’ which works for some, but until I can see a light at the end of the tunnel I can be quite ‘glass half empty’ sometimes. This is why the above things either help me to vent or to calm myself, to let my brain unwind and to focus my attention on something positive.

With regards to farting, my advice to anyone who has an IBD and suffers with public embarrassment about their wind issues is this – LET IT OUT. Because…

  • It’s unhealthy to hold in a fart
  • It’s a natural human bodily function
  • EVERYONE does it – IBD or no IBD
  • In-laws or no in-laws your loved ones should accept you – gas and all!


Would love to hear of similar experiences and stories from anyone else out there on how to cope with stress and stressful situations? IBD or no IBD.







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