GUT by Giulia Enders – a fascinating read for all

No, had I not been catapulted into the world of gut health due to my illness, a book like this would have gone completely unnoticed as I scanned the shelves of Waterstones…but I’m SO glad I bought it, because it has completely changed the way I view my body.

This international best-seller written by scientist Guilia Enders is truly a jaw dropping page turner, which might surprise most people looking at the title.

It’s an education into not only the gut but the whole system from mouth to bottom, with a no-holds-barred approach to looking at how our body reacts to the substances we put inside it. It’s not a diet book, it’s not about losing weight and it’s not specifically written for people with gut issues – it’s actually just an education in understanding the human body better. For most, all we know about our digestion is that we put food in our mouths and it comes out the other end…but what happens between these two points will astound you.

To me the fascinating part was just how little the medical profession knows or understands about the science or behaviour of the gut, and the huge impact its activities have on the rest of our bodies and even our mental well-being.

I always found science fairly boring at school, but biology was the one part I could understand, and Guilia helps to put this hugely complex topic into words everyone can relate to. Real life situations.

Top GUT facts from the book:

  1. Our stomach actually sits just under our left nipple, so any pain we experience below this point is not ‘tummy ache’ it’s actually gut ache
  2. In total the surface area of our digestive system is one hundred times greater than the area of our skin
  3. Humans have an intuitive understanding of the digestive process, craving a poached egg far more than a slimy raw one, because we know our guts will find it easier to process cooked rather than raw foods
  4. Eating too much sugar really does make our blood sweeter for a little while after
  5. Plants want to reproduce, if we keep eating all their babies, they’ll respond by making their seeds slightly poisonous to put us off. The higher the perceived threat, the more poison they produce. Which is why wheat can affect some people more than others, because it’s got such a short window to grow that it naturally produces more poison in the seeds to enhance its chances of survival

The book also gives a scientific answer as to why our wee is yellow, our poo is brown and how we manage to keep a poop in when we really need one.

This book is far from just toilet humour though, Guilia is vastly more insightful than this but yet doesn’t shy away from the topics sometimes deemed ‘taboo’.

Whether you have gut issues or you’re just intrigued by the reasons why our bodies do the magical things they do – this book will give you a greater understanding of the saying ‘my body is a temple’.

Check out Guilia herself talking about the book here on youtube.


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