Have we lost the ability to holiday?

Once upon a time, if you went on holiday for a fortnight you effectively dropped off the face of the earth as far as friends and family were concerned.

No phones, no social media channels to update..and checking in at the airport genuinely meant checking in. The only sign you’d survived the journey would be a battered postcard, and if your ‘beach bod’ plans didn’t quite come to fruition it didn’t matter because only your loved ones were with you. Am I the only one who thinks these were the golden days of travel?

The first my friends would have heard about any holidays would have been a handful of printed blurry snaps, some fading tan lines and a slighty dodgy braid in my hair.

When did holidaying become less about actually having a holiday, and more about how that holiday looks to everyone else?

I’ve done it myself, posted fairly benign images of toes in the sand, drink in hand and chilling on my beach towel…but even as I’ve done it, a large part of my brain has been asking ‘what was that for? Was it really necessary?’ Am I the only one? Nope….

Let me know if any of the following look overly familiar to you right now as ‘hot-dogs or legs’ season gets fully under way…

  1. The standard airport / plane holiday boast

2. The sunbed selfie

3. The ‘I’m having the best time ever….OBVIOUSLY’ snaps

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people might describe these images as utterly beautiful and more like something you might see in a glossy travel magazine or perfume advert – modelling shots. Perfection to the extreme, polished, envy-enducing, posed and ultimately..to me..not very genuine.

Spending your one sunshine filled break of the year considering what snaps to publish, what caption will best sum up your amazing time and how many likes it might receive – is to me, far from what holidays are about.

I’m a self-confessed nosy git so I don’t mind seeing the odd holiday snap, but I’d rather see something like this….when you get home!!!

  1. Fun times….activities, big cheesy grins, real happiness!

New wave … young girls surfing at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.buried in sandicecreamface

All photos are mix of natural candid snaps and intensional ones and there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

We all do it on some level and if someone points a camera at you on the beach (when perhaps you’re feeling a little vulnerable in your swimwear) then you probably will pout, push you’re best assets forward and suck in the rest.

But when did holidays become ALL about manipulating these perfect shots and publishing them the second you arrive?

The best holiday photos I see are ones where nobody is really paying attention; mid joke, mid dive, mid ice-cream, mid wipe-out. Messy beach hair, sandy skin and the sense that the photos aren’t there for public adoration.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this summer we all just made the most of our time away from the little airless offices we toil away in all year round and just enjoy the moment for us – nobody else.

After-all, the reason we go on holiday (*I hope) is to relax, chill out, be ourselves, have fun and FORGET the world around us…not fixate on it.




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