#FridayHero – Dawn O’Porter

This week’s Friday Hero is someone who feels like a friend even though I’ve never met her, someone I could easily sink a couple of bottles of prosecco with, and put the world to rights over a pizza. Dawn O’Porter is a Scottish-born TV presenter, writer, mother and wife (to the lovely Chris O’Dowd) who has worked hard to put body image, confidence and society’s pressure for perfection into the spotlight.

Back in 2008 she stripped off for a BBC series called Dawn…gets naked. The purpose of the series was for Dawn to explore female body image and also recognise her own body insecurities by experimenting with different situations and talking to different groups in society about their life experiences. I found it immensely brave, it was the first time I really felt this issue was being given the media attention it deserves.

Dawn was open about her body dysmorphia from a young age, and blamed the beauty industry for promoting a ‘one size fits all’ example of what women should strive to look like. However by the end of the series, she was able to strip off and demonstrate the liberation that comes with seeing the beauty in your own skin.

Reasons to love Dawn O’Porter:

  1. She has body-confidence and reminds us that happiness is about more than looks:

“Now, I like what I see in the mirror: my boobs are okay, I don’t have much of a bum, and I’m at peace with the fact that I’ll never have a six-pack. I don’t need my body to be perfect, I don’t need to be “skinny” and toned to be a writer. I’m slim but cuddly, and I’m down with that!”

Dawn O’Porter (quote source: DailyMail)

2. She’s lives life to enjoy it:


3. She quite rightly states that size-0 is a fashion industry invention to ‘normalise’ eating disorders:

size 0

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