#FridayHero – Jennifer Lawrence

This week’s #FridayHero is Jennifer Lawrence, and I’m sure I’m not alone in positioning her as such – but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of hero-worshiping (if it’s for the right reasons).

I COULD say she’s a hero because she’s incredibly beautiful and even manages to retain some class whilst doing this….


And whilst I do think she’s stunning, funny and talented – I’m heroing her for the things she’s said and done – not because of her physical appearance.

Quotes from Jen…(or at least I really hope they are)


Like me, Jen is a firm believer in real women of all shapes and sizes, being known and admired for what they can do – rather than how much they weigh. Undoubtedly she will have gotten super buff for The Hunger Games, due to the fact it’s an action movie and the stunts would be tricky if you didn’t keep fit. BUT, Jen wants young women to aspire to the power and strength of her characters – not their unrealistic figures.


Whilst its evident that Jen does do exercise and may well enjoy it, she doesn’t ram it down her fan’s throats or claim to be some kind of ‘gym addict’ (a phrase we hear all too often) – which also helps to reassure people like me that it’s ok to not LOVE the gym…because hardly anyone actually really does! It’s a lifestyle choice, not a life sentence.


Lastly, Jen doesn’t judge a book by its cover – anyone can be hot but they still might turn out to be a knob! True words from an ass-kicking lady whom I can’t help but admire.

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