5 times J.K Rowling was a total hero

I’m not ashamed to be a huge Harry Potter fan, I bought the whole thing, hook line and sinker. Perhaps because I like the idea of there being more to life than meets the muggle-eye; a layer of existence buzzing and bubbling under the surface, just as it does in Diagon Alley. Who wouldn’t want to believe in that? Who wouldn’t want to believe in magic?

J.K Rowling is therefore a bit of hero of mine, but not just for the fictional words she wrote, but for the words she speaks in real life too. Inside and outside of the pages of her books, I wanted to share the reasons why I think she kicks arse.

  1. She taught us that words have unlimited power and is the reason I write for my own creative pleasure.


2. She encouraged a whole generation to put down the gameboy and READ something! Expanding our little TV riddled brains to the possibilities of our imaginations.


3. She proved that striving to be successful doesn’t mean you wont fall flat on your face sometimes – but that’s no reason to give up


4. Being a geeky, shy teenager with a few spots and a tangled ginger mop is NORMAL and should be celebrated – not covered in fake tan, plucked, preened and photo shopped! This glossy High School Musical version of life is NOT what teenagers should aspire to.


5. None of J.K’s Potter baddies were despised or criticised for being FAT – because this is not a trait by which to judge someone. There are far worse things you can be in life than a bit tubby, and in my experience some of the nicest and kindest people are often the ones with a few cakes on the proverbial shelf. #justsaying


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